As companies and organizations wrap up the final numbers from 2018 and begin to plan their work for the coming fiscal year, they may want to determine what kind of philanthropy they will be participating in as well. Whether your company focuses on helping a different cause of organization, it is likely that some sort of adjustment is necessary. Knowing this, what will philanthropy look like in 2019?

Different Ways Of Giving
With more focus shifting toward online giving, it does not come as a surprise to learn that many organizations now have a system that uses an online portal to accept donations. This can make it easier for donors to simply log in to the organization’s website and follow the directions for an online donation. They can set up the donation to be made one time, or donors can now decide if they want to give more than once. While organizations still do accept donations through the mail or in person, more of their donations will likely be made online.

Increases In Monthly Giving
As organizations continue to evolve with technology, they will also begin to use new, innovative strategies, including monthly giving options. An increasing number of organizations have partnered with large-scale companies like Amazon, where organizations can provide a “wish list” of donations that they would benefit from. Individuals can choose an organization of their choice to buy for. In addition to the partnership with Amazon, most organizations have started monthly donations. Donors can choose a certain monthly donation through the organization, and each month, organizations will charge the same amount. In 2017 alone, adding the monthly giving concept resulted in a 40% increase in overall donations.

What Should Organizations Know Coming Into 2019?
Knowing that more organizations are going online to continue increasing their donations has already proven to benefit them, so it is important to know how to apply these concepts to your organization. If your organization’s website does not include an option for monthly donations, it is something that you should consider implementing in this coming year. It can not only help to increase the number of donations that your organization receives, but it can also help increase the overall amount throughout the year.