When the holiday season comes around, many people get caught up in the hectic chores and planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though those are special holidays, many times there is a global day that goes often unnoticed or forgotten. Giving Tuesday, which takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a day that is powered by social media and is the jumpstart to the charitable season. This year don’t forget to start giving and start planning for your Giving Tuesday now.

Who Can Get Involved?
Short answer: anyone! Everyone is welcome to participate in Giving Tuesday. Whether you are an individual, a family, company or organization, it’s your chance to get involved. For individuals ready to lend a helping hand, there are so many opportunities to donate your time to charitable organizations in your neighborhood. Giving Tuesday has many resources for you to find an organization in your community to help. Many organizations offer individuals the opportunity to donate their time, materials like books or clothing, part of your paycheck, or even offering your business skills pro bono to a charity.

There are also many opportunities for organizations to get involved with Giving Tuesday as well. The Giving Tuesday official website offers organizations wanting to participate in resources, toolkits, new ideas and ways to connect with other organizations. Giving Tuesday welcomes all charities with a passion for making a difference.

Why Get Involved?
For seven years Giving Tuesday has been driven by the power of social media and collaboration to give to charities and people in need. It’s important to get involved because it is powered by everyday people like you who are trying to make a difference. By getting involved, real change can help a lot of charities and organizations all around the world. The global movement brings together families, individuals and families to make an impact.

This day encourages people to give back and to create a movement of kindness throughout the world. A team of influencers and founding partners work together to enact the power of giving back. This global day has the power to change lives and make a real difference. To be a part of that difference and make an impact in your community, get involved with Giving Tuesday.