For lots of happy couples around the world, Valentine’s Day is a fun albeit corny day to celebrate love and togetherness. However, for others, it’s a day of mourning and melancholy. Whether they’ve buried a spouse, have a significant other incarcerated, or lack the funds to do anything nice for that special person in their lives, some people find Valentine’s Day more of a downer. If you have the time to give back at all for Valentine’s, though, here are some creative ways you can make that happen in your community:

Sit with the Elderly: Valentine’s Day can be really hard for elderly citizens who have since had a spouse pass away, so sometimes, some company would really cheer them up. You and your family can visit an assisted living facility or offer to deliver food via Meals on Wheels so that you can make them feel special. For an extra special touch, you can spoil them with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and all the things they may be missing. You can also curate a playlist of old-timey love songs from the rat pack.

Serve Single Moms: Women’s shelters are full of ladies, many of whom are single moms, who work tirelessly with no one to help them share the burden of child-rearing. Valentine’s Day for them is especially hard, so serving that demographic would likely mean the world to them. You and your church or another local organization can organize a formal dinner for single moms to make them feel special.

Donate Candies: When most people consider making a donation to a women’s shelter or a shelter for homeless youth, they think of the necessities: clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. However, for Valentine’s Day, donate something frivolous that would just be nice. From oversized stuffed animals to heart-shaped boxes of candy to flowers, those in need likely don’t receive nice extras from donors, and a donation like that could truly make someone’s day.

Take your Date Volunteering: The couples who volunteer together stay together. You and your partner can spend part of your allotted date time doing some good together in your community. This can include anything from walking dogs in your local animal shelter to knocking on doors for a favorite local candidate to picking up trash around your neighborhood. You can continue to celebrate the holiday in lots of ways, but spending part of your day giving back together can prove a powerful statement of love.