Summer vacation is almost here. With that comes the question of how to keep your kids’ minds occupied over the summer. The following four activities will not only be fun, but can be enriching and educational to the mind.

Encourage Your Kids to Hit the Library

For a high school student, finding time to actually read for fun during the school year can be challenging. Between required reading, homework, and extracurricular activities, even a bookworm can struggle with sitting down to read an enjoyable book on their own time.

During summer vacation, your child will have plenty of time to do what they love when they normally don’t have time during the school year — like reading! If your child is a bookworm, encourage them to head to the library to check out physical copies of reading material. Since it’s not required reading, your child will have the opportunity to explore genres — such as celebrity memoirs, anime, and even comic books — that they normally don’t get the chance to read in school.

Regardless of what your child chooses, reading any kind of material exercises the mind and improves the brain’s functions. Instead of having your child sit in front of a screen for the entire summer, encourage them to browse your local library to find a genre they will get enthralled in.  

Solve Puzzles

Puzzles are also a great way to exercise the brain. It doesn’t have to be the traditional jigsaw puzzle you may immediately think about. Other puzzles may include Rubik’s cubes, Sudoku, and crosswords, and mazes. Feel free to pick up a fun activity from a dollar store or even a toy store — they’re not just for little kids anymore!

Enroll Them in a Community College Class

Although school is probably the last thing your child wants to think about over the summer, they may be inclined to take a fun community college course like cooking or ceramics. This will provide a great opportunity for your child to continue learning, and it may give them exposure to curricula they may not have access to in high school.

Take a Field Trip

Who says field trips are just for school? Taking a family trip to a local museum, art gallery, national park, or zoo can be fun when the whole family is involved. You can explore the deep oceans, learn about national and local history, and even have some hands-on fun with animals at the zoo. Your kids won’t realize their fun is actually educational as well!