As we move through August, many people are coming back from vacations and getting their kids ready for the start of the school year. This leads to busy schedules and trips to various stores to get the items their children need for the new school year. While the changes that the month of August brings can be difficult to manage, parents should consider buying extra items for their community’s homeless population. The action to buy items for homeless individuals seems small; they can help to provide crucial, life-sustaining items. When going out shopping with the kids this month, consider buying some of the following items to donate to a local homeless shelter.

Water, Sports Drinks, or Juice Packs
It does not come as a surprise to see that water and sports drinks, like Gatorade or Powerade, top the list of items needed for the homeless shelter. With temperatures continuing to soar around the nation, the need for water and sports drinks could potentially help save a person’s life. On the other hand, you may be confused by the addition of juice packs in the list. Juice packs can not only provide a diabetic with the sugar they need to stabilize, but it can help provide nutrients to Americans who struggle to maintain a healthy diet.

Non-Perishable Food
Like the water and sports drinks, it is not hard to understand why non-perishable food also tops the list. Without adequate access to a kitchen, the homeless community has few options when it comes to food preparation. Non-perishable foods often don’t need proper preparation and tends to have a long shelf-life. This provides the homeless shelter with greater flexibility in how much food they can hold onto for the future.

Feminine Hygiene Products
When considering items to donate to homeless shelters, many people do not think about the need for feminine hygiene products. For most women with unstable living conditions, obtaining proper products can prove to be difficult, as feminine hygiene products continue to be taxed in the United States. This leaves many people in the nation unable to buy any of these products. While these may seem like a small contribution, it can provide the comfort and pride that women may need.

Variety Of Sun Protection Products
With the sun blazing at temperatures in the triple digits in many parts of the United States, the risk for sun damage continues to be a major concern among the homeless population. To help combat this, one should consider donating sunscreens to help protect against the sun, and aloe-vera gels to help reduce the after-effects of any potential sunburns. For communities that see heavy bug populations during the summer, donating bug spray and anti-itch creams can help provide relief from often frustrating issues.

Determining the biggest need for homeless shelters can be difficult to determine, as they work to find enough life-sustaining supplies for everyone. By purchasing a few extra items during your back-to-school shopping, you can help a person receive the supplies they need.