As many of you have already heard, several states in the United States, including Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, were heavily impacted by Hurricane Michael. The massive Category 4 hurricane hit the Florida panhandle in early October, sustaining significant damage or nearly destroying several thousand homes and businesses across Florida. At this point, it has become apparent that the states are struggling to recover from the hurricane. Let’s examine the different ways that you can help Hurricane Michael victims.

American Red Cross
American Red Cross is heavily involved in natural disaster relief, making it one of the more common organizations that Americans donate to. The organization actively works with rescue efforts by collecting basic necessities like water and food. Additionally, the organization organizes blood drives that can be used for those who sustained injuries during the hurricane.

Providing Shelter After The Storm
After discovering the incredible magnitude of the damage caused to countless homes, many residents found themselves without anywhere to stay. In order to open up more places to stay, Recently, Airbnb announced that they are working with its hosts to provide more shelter options for residents without a place to stay. Not long after Airbnb’s announcement, over 800 hosts opened their home to stranded hurricane victims.

Donate Blood
One way that Americans can help hurricane victims is to donate blood at their area’s blood center. The need for blood continues to be significant, especially as more injured residents are found. By providing blood, especially if you have one of the rare blood types, you can help save lives.

Provide Financial Donations
For those who want to help the hurricane victims with monetary donations can do so through a non-profit crowdfunding organization called Global Giving. According to their website, Global Giving is accepting donations that will be used directly for immediate relief efforts, before the funds are shifted towards longer-term recovery projects.

There are countless ways that you can help those most severely impacted by the powerful Hurricane Michael. Whether you donate blood or money, your contribution can truly have an impact on the long-term recovery process.