The holiday season is not only a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate, but it also marks a period of giving back to one’s community. As we continue to move through the holidays, more and more families are finding that they either cannot afford to provide gifts to their families, or do not have the financial means to provide traditional meals like Thanksgiving, based on their cost. With this in mind, we can examine how the community help gives during the holiday season this year, to help other families be able to celebrate together.

Adopt A Family For Christmas
For families who are experiencing financial hardship, or are unable to celebrate the holidays can be adopted for the season. Similar to Toy For Tots, which collects gifts for young children during Christmas, many programs are now available to purchase items for an entire family that will help them through the holiday season. Items that you can purchase include toys, winter clothing, toiletries, household products, and even grocery cards.

Hold A Holiday Food Drive
Each holiday season, many families without the financial means may find themselves unable to celebrate some of the bigger holidays with the traditional meals. For example, most families celebrate Thanksgiving with a full turkey, fresh mashed potatoes, fresh pies, and more. For others, the cost of purchasing all of the food would be too expensive. You can treat families to a traditional meal by providing fresh ingredients. For those who may not be able to afford to purchase a full meal with fresh ingredients, you can always provide donations to a local holiday canned food drive. They are typically held at local churches or charities and accept most canned foods that will be distributed to families in need.

Find A Charity That you Enjoy And Create A Recurring Donation
It does not come as a surprise to most people to learn that the holiday season is also known as one of the most popular times to give back to one’s community. According to a survey from Winspire, 18% of all donations in the United States occur in December, but many times, the need continues beyond the end of December. To help continue providing support, find a charity that you support, and set up a recurring monthly donation. Most charities offer small, recurring donations that cover a portion of their services each month, and typically falls within a reasonable price for the donor. It is easy to set up a recurring payment and can help provide the ongoing support that the charity likely needs.