It’s never too early to get involved. Kids getting involved with volunteering and charity work can build a better connection with their community, learn responsibility and know they can make a difference. Volunteering can also bring you and your children together as a stronger family. There are a few great ways on how to get kids involved with volunteering:

Start Online

The best place to get started on volunteering is online. There you can search for local community services and volunteer work in your area. You can also look up the contact info for charity organizations near you to ask if they have any volunteer opportunities. It will be difficult to find a volunteer project perfect for you and your kids, but it’s important to be flexible until you find something that meets your needs. To help find the perfect match, look to your local volunteer clearinghouse. They will be able to match you up with community organizations and can help you find volunteer work at nonprofit organizations in your area.

Trash Pick-up

If your family includes small kids that you’re looking to get involved with volunteer work, it can be sometimes difficult to find the right match. Picking up trash on beaches, playgrounds or parks is a great way to get the little ones involved. This can be done through volunteering with an organization or just something you can do on your own as a family. Just grab a few trash bags and head to your local beach or playground to get started.

Building a Home

With older kids in the picture, you’ll be able to do bigger labor when it comes to volunteering. Repairing and renovating homes for low income families is a great way to get involved and make an impact on your community. This will be volunteer work that you will need to contact an organization to get started. As a family you will be able to help with painting and building homes for other families who need your help.

Food Bank

Something for the whole family, big and small kids, is volunteering at your local food bank. This is a very popular and impactful way to get you and your family involved with volunteering. To begin volunteering for food banks or soup kitchens, find their contact info online to see if they are in need of volunteers. You could also find an organization that aids to the elderly to bring by food and talk with the senior citizens.

There are so many ways for your family to get involved. You could plant trees, volunteer at an animal shelter, or find ways to help those less fortunate. Together, as a family, you can make difference.