How Can We Help Federal Employees Affected By The Government Shutdown As most Americans know, the United States government made the decision to partially close, leaving over 800,000 federal employees without income. With the shutdown still taking place over a month later, federal employees around the country are beginning to feel a significant strain in their lives. With families struggling to not only pay the bills and mortgage but also having trouble determining how they will feed their families, the shutdown is continuing to hurt federal employees in nearly every area of their lives. Americans around the country can help federal employees in a few ways until they can return to work.

Donate To Your Area’s Food Bank
While it is necessary to pay bills like utilities and a mortgage, federal employees are finding that their one of their biggest challenges is being able to provide food to their families. To ensure that their families don’t miss a meal, countless employees have turned to their area food bank for assistance.

According to the Washington Post, the food banks in the Washington D.C. area have increased nearly 20% since the government announced the shutdown. This indicates that these federal employees are feeling the consequences of the shutdown, and have been forced to find other ways to feed their families. With that being said, most of the country’s food banks have announced that they are in need of more supplies to meet the increased demand. To help, search for a food bank in the area, and contact them to determine what items they need, so they can continue providing food for federal employees.

Donate Baby Items
An area of need that can often go unnoticed is the continued need for baby supplies, including diapers. For those who may not know, diapers are expensive, and can quickly become a financial burden, particularly for federal employees who are still without a form of income. By donating diapers, they can breathe a bit easier knowing that they do not have to spend precious money right now but can focus on food, bills, and unexpected costs. Those who would like to donate diapers can visit the National Diaper Bank Network to learn more about what they need, and how you can help.