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How Can We Help Federal Employees Affected By The Government Shutdown

How Can We Help Federal Employees Affected By The Government Shutdown?

As most Americans know, the United States government made the decision to partially close, leaving over 800,000 federal employees without income. With the shutdown still taking place over a month later, federal employees around the country are beginning to feel a significant strain in their lives. With families struggling to not only pay the bills […]

What Will Philanthropy Look Like In 2019

What Will Philanthropy Look Like In 2019?

As companies and organizations wrap up the final numbers from 2018 and begin to plan their work for the coming fiscal year, they may want to determine what kind of philanthropy they will be participating in as well. Whether your company focuses on helping a different cause of organization, it is likely that some sort […]

How To Give Back This Holiday Season, David Ariagno

How To Give Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season is not only a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate, but it also marks a period of giving back to one’s community. As we continue to move through the holidays, more and more families are finding that they either cannot afford to provide gifts to their families, or […]

What Is Giving Tuesday, David Ariagno

What Is Giving Tuesday?

When the holiday season comes around, many people get caught up in the hectic chores and planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though those are special holidays, many times there is a global day that goes often unnoticed or forgotten. Giving Tuesday, which takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a day that is […]

How To Help Hurricane Michael Victims, David Ariagno

How To Help Hurricane Michael Victims

As many of you have already heard, several states in the United States, including Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, were heavily impacted by Hurricane Michael. The massive Category 4 hurricane hit the Florida panhandle in early October, sustaining significant damage or nearly destroying several thousand homes and businesses across Florida. At this point, it has become […]

How To Get Kids Involved In Volunteering

How To Get Kids Involved In Volunteering

It’s never too early to get involved. Kids getting involved with volunteering and charity work can build a better connection with their community, learn responsibility and know they can make a difference. Volunteering can also bring you and your children together as a stronger family. There are a few great ways on how to get […]

Items to donate to homeless shelters

Items Homeless Shelters Need As Summer Continues

As we move through August, many people are coming back from vacations and getting their kids ready for the start of the school year. This leads to busy schedules and trips to various stores to get the items their children need for the new school year. While the changes that the month of August brings […]

Volunteer for Valentine’s Day

If you have the time to give back at all for Valentine’s, though, here are some creative ways you can make that happen in your community:

Donate These Things to Women’s Shelters

This blog will go more in-depth as to what donations are commonly needed as women’s shelters.

David Ariagno Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue during Hurricane Harvey

After many animals were left homeless and stranded when Katrina hit Louisiana, animal safety advocates are doubling down to ensure that the same mistakes do not happen.

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